This site examines the evolution and effectiveness of political propaganda posters during the turbulent years of the German Republic [frequently called the Weimar Republic](1919-1933) and in the subsequent Nazi dictatorship called The Third Reich (1933-1945). The purpose of this site is to present a variety of posters and thus permit students to analyze the effectiveness, both as political propaganda and as in competition with other political parties.

This large collection of political posters is divided into 14 different categories. Each share a common organization, which can best be explained here. Upon opening one of the categories below, you will find a index page consisting of a large number of thumbnail versions of the posters. Clicking on the thumbnail will produce a page with a 2 x 3 inch version of the poster, along with an English translation of the German text, and commentary of the historical, political and social background and symbolism for the individual poster. Clicking on this picture will bring up a full-screen version for further examination. By using the back-button on your menu bar you may then return to the translated commentary, from which page you may then advanced to the next slide by clicking the appropriate button. Or you may go back to the thumbnail page.

An alternnaive way of using this collection would be to view each category as a slide show, in which the posters would appear sequentially, without the translations and commentary. Interruption of the slide-show would bring you back to the index page, thus permitting viewing of individual posters in the translated commentary. UNFORTUNATELY, THIS SLIDE SHOW OPTION IS NOT YET WORKING.

The first two categories in this collection presents a number of posters from the German revolution and first year of the Republic. The next twelve pages present posters from the National Socialist (Nazi) party, which, by general concensus, was the most systematic user of this political art form. These will in time be joined by pages containing pro-Republican and anti-Nazi posters from a variety of political parties of the Weimar Republic. I anticipate that some final pages will offer posters from the major non-German partipants in World War II (1939-1945).


To enter an individual collection, click on the enhanced title or picture.

Revolution and Early Republic Posters

Civil War and Counter- Revolution

Unite behind National Assembly
 For the Fatherland

 Early Propaganda of the NSDAP

High Style of NSDAP Propaganda

 Bavarian Völkisch Block!
Let's End This

Posters from the Depression

The Year of Crisis

Mothers Protect your Children
 Hitler, the Man and the Leader

The Months leading to the Machtergreifung

 The First Year of the Third Reich

We Workers have awakened!
 Help Hitler Re-Build

Consolidation of the Third Reich

 Third Reich Propaganda

This Hand leads the Reich
 Youth is the Future for Germany

Third Reich Triumphant

 Motto of the Week

You too belong to the Führer
 The Führer needs healthy people

 Nazi Propaganda in the
Occupied Countries, 1941-1945

Nazi Propaganda and the
Losing War 1942-1945

 The Bad Days are Over!
Victory goes with Our Flag

Propaganda of the
KPD and SPD 1919-1934
[under construction]

 Propaganda of the Democratic
Parties 1919-1934
[under construction]

Socialism opens factories
 The National Assembly is the Foundation

Propaganda of Right-Wing
Parties 1919-1934
[under construction

 Non-German Propaganda of
World War II 1939-1945
[under construction]

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