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  • 1935
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By the terms of the Versailles Treaty of 1919, the important industrial area of the Saarland, which borders Lorraine, was to be occupied by France for a period of fifteen years. Its prosperous steel mills were nationalized by Paris, and its economy carefully tied in with the coal industry of Lorraine.

After fifteen years, that is in 1935, the League of Nations was to schedule elections in the Saarland, giving the inhabitants the choice among three options. They could vote to maintain the status quo, that is remain with France; they could vote to become an independent state under the League of Nations (such as Danzig); or they could vote to return to Germany.

Because the Saarlanders were overwhelmingly Catholic, and relations between the Church and the Nazis were extremely troublesome just now because of the Hitler Youth campaign against the Catholic Youths, the Nazis pulled out all the stops in its campaign to get the Saarlanders to vote to return to Germany.

This is one of the more powerful posters. It shows a German worker (sleeves rolled up of course) thrusting open the doors that blocked his access to Germany, where the Swastika casts a glowing light in contrast to the darkness of the prison-like world where the Saarlanders live.

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