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  • April 1938
Volk will join Volk
and Blood will join Blood.

Give the Führer your Yes 

Once Goering had tricked the new Austrian government into inviting German troops into the country in order to "restore order," most expected that Schuschning's plebescite would be cancelled.

Instead, Hitler decided to go ahead with it, only to enlarge it to include all of Germany. This poster was the kick-off for a whirlwind campaign which found Hitler flying all over the country urging Germans to vote yes on 10 April 1938.

The graphics of this poster are very interesting. It shows an Austrian with his wide-brimmed South Austrian peasant hat and north Austrian knickers stepping across the Inn river into Germany. There he is greeted by a German worker at whose feet stands a model of a factory or oil refinery.

The implication is clearly that backward Austria is now being given an opportunity to participate in the modernized industrial power of Germany.

But the slogan is pure and old-fashioned Nazi Blut und Boden [Blood and Soil]. Here the Volk are racial elements joining their blood together.

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