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  • 1933


Work and Bread

Through the National Socialist

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This is still another poster bearing the slogan which Hitler had adopted for this Reichstag elections of March 1933 -- work and bread.

But this poster is quite different. For one, the color scheme does not stress the red or even the nationalist black-white. The arresting green lettering of the key words is designed clearly to be set off from the dark background.

It is an early example of a side of Nazi propaganda that is often ignored. Goebbels and Hitler might be oppposed to much modern art, but they were not above using modern graphics to get their message out.

The sophisticated graphics of this poster, and its unusual color scheme, also contribute to the impression that theirs is a modern movement. Note there is no mention of Hitler or even of the Nazi party, and none of the more traditional Nazi symbols -- a soldier, an SA man, or a worker with his sleeves rolled up.

Posters like this one remind us that National Socialism represented far more than just an anti-modern rebellion.

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