The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1927


Volks Comrades!

Do you know that German businessmen and store owners -- your Volks Comrades -- are fighting a difficult battle for survival? Shop at their stores. You will receive great value and moderate prices! And if you gladden some of your family with your gift, it will also be a source of satisfaction for you, knowing:

I supported a member of our Volk Community!

Therefore act accordingly, and buy only from German specialty shops, for

Christmas is a Christian Feastday!

Underneath the legend are two pictures which we have seen before, in 1924. The one on the left depicts the Crucifixion, complete with scoffing Jews underneath, one of whom is spitting on Christ. The Caption reads:

The ones responsible for
crucifying Christ ....

And on the right, a picture of a Jewish department store heavily decorated up for Christmas with a caption:

... today make extravagent profit
from a Christian Feast!

The graphics on this poster originated in 1924 and were so popular with Goebbels that he used it repeatedly, changing the texts to fit the occasion. For a later (1929) example, click here.

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