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  • Ludwig Hohlwein
  • 1934

Rally of the Main-Franconian Hitler Youth

Würzburg, 14-15 July


A final Ludwig Hohlwein poster from 1934 shows the remarkable popularity of the HItler Youth image.

Here a dynamic young man marches along playing his fife before the two Nazi flags, the Swastika of the party, and the Red-White-Red banner of the Hitler Youth.

One of the most characteristic aspects of the Nazi Party once they had secured power was their continuation of their constant stream of rallies, parades, and other ceremonies. Scarcely a week passed without some such celebration.

One Hitler Youth leader wrote after the war that throughout his many years with the HJ they were always being kept busy raising money for more and bigger celebrations. "It was almost as if the Party were afraid to leave us to our own pursuiits."

This insight can also be transferred to this poster. Gone are the fighting men of the 1920's -- the Kampfzeit, or battle days, of the Movement. Now that activity is channeled into parades and other activities. But it is the same "action oriented" approach which had once attracted attention.

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