Political Posters
from the Depression Years

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  • Leipzig
  • R. Diersch, 19" x 24"
  • 1930


We vote Anger

List 12

Volkisch-National Block


This is another local Nazi poster, produced under an agreement with some other smaller Nationalist parties in the State of Saxony for the Reichstag elections of 14 September 1930.

In many ways it is an unusual Nazi poster. It does not mention Hitler, nor does it contain any of the familiar Nazi symbols. Perhaps the party's agreement with its nationalist allies prohibited such items. Instead it is characterized by bold colors, which prominantly feature Red White and Black, the colors of the old Imperial Flag. This alone marks it as an anti-Republican appeal.

The absence of more radical graphics may have helped win votes, for in the Reichstag elections of 14 September 1930 the Nazis scored their first great triumph, going from 12 seats in the previous Reichstag to 107 seats. They now were the second largest party, behind the SPD. Analysis attributest this success to the ens of thousands of new voters who supported a party which appeared to have "moderated" its more radical aspects.

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