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  • 1935
  • Ludwig Hohlwein

Camp Deutschland

World Rally of the Hitler Youth, July-August 1935


Although we think of the Hitler Youth as exclusively limited to Germany, it had organized groups in other German-speaking areas, such as Switzerland, Transylvania (Romania), and of course Austria.

This handsome poster by Ludwig Hohlwein, the prominant Munich commercial artist, advertizes an international rally of the Hitler Youth.

Against the shadow of the German eagle (and the waving swastika flag) two young men shake hands in greeting. Both are in uniform, but the arm bands indicate that the brown-clad young man facing frontwards is from Germany, while the darker uniformed other youth is from Austria.

Featured less prominantly between the two is the Austrian flag.

Baldur von Schirach, the ambitious leader of the Hitler Youth always stressed the international aspect of his movement. In 1942, although no longer head of the Hitler Youth (he had grown too old for that position) he staged an "international" rally of world fascism in Vienna. It was bluntly closed down by Josef Goebbels, whose approach to Nazi propaganda never stressed an international approach.

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