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  • 1933

 The Reichstag Elections of 6 March 1933 were a great disappointment to the Nazis. Although they surpassed their highest levels achieved in early 1932 (the second Presidential Election, and the Reichstag Election of May), they won the support of only 44% of the population. Impressive as this was, in a country with more than 30 political parties, it was far from the 66% majority the Nazis needed to amend the Weimar Constitution and create their party-dominated state.

In the same elections had returned, however, the German National People's Party, the Conservatives, gained 6%. It was thus possible for the "Government of National Concentration" to claim an electoral victory -- with a 504% majority.

But it was clearly not a mandate, and the Nazi propagandists had recourse to such posters as these in order to create an impression of a government that was "above parties."

This simple poster, bearing no outward markings of either Nazi or Conservative mythology contains the one word, "Work" and a hammer being dropped into the out-stretched hand of a worker. By implication, the government was now going to concentrate upon a jobs-creation program.

For a chart showing the complete election returns, and a comparison with previous results, click here.


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