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  • 1933

Work and Bread

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As part of the deal that created the "Government of National Concentration," Franz von Papen and his conservative allies had to accept Hitler's insistence on new National Elections. There had been four such elections (two for the Presidency and two for the Reichstag) in 1932, and the conservatives were reluctanct to hold another. Hitler and Goebbels, however, believed that with themselves installed in office, they would easily win the 2/3's vote necessary to create a government which could rule absolutely.

The Nazis through themselves into the election with enthusiasm. This was one of their earliest posters. Significantly, its color scheme echoes that of the Swastika symbol itself -- and another embodiment of the party's name -- National Socialist. The Red of Socialism, prominantly displayed, makes an appeal to the unemployed who are promised work and bread, but not through hand-outs. The White and Black are the traditional Prussian and National colors. The poster offers to provide only the tools by which the people's own work will earn bread.

Once again, we see in the rolled-up sleeves of the working man who is handing out the tools the embodiment of the Nazi myth -- they were the party of the working man, the National Socialist German WORKERS Party -- NSDAP.

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