Nazi Propaganda
of the Machtergreifung


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  • 1931

National Socialism
The Organized Will of the Nation

This popular poster by Mjölnir presents the Nazi para-military Storm Troopers [Sturm-Abteilung=SA}, as the embodiment of the nation. With his characteristic steel-jawed determined men, Mjölnir offers a graphic symbol of politics as "will to power."


The three SA-men represented come from the old fighters (in the rear), the middle-aged, and, in the front, a wounded young fighter. The SA ever insisted that street demonstrations, and defensive violence (they were always the ones who were attacked! they claimed) were the only way to restore Germany. Almost always these SA men ignored (and perhaps did not even know) the political program which Hitler and the NSDAP were pushing. To the SA, the key was action and violence. This approach is clearly presented in this effective poster. Not politics, not talk, not parliamentary resolutions, it says, but action now! And even at the cost of broken heads and bloodied faces.

For Mjölnir's interesting first draft for this poster, click here.

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