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  • 1925

This is another example of an Austrian Nazi poster. It introduces one of their most popular themes -- the influx of Eastern Jews into Vienna.

Anti-Semites of all Parties

The Slave-Trade

Yes it is little better than the worse kind of dealing in slaves when the administration of our so-called Free State of Austria dares to present

The Migration of 50,000 German
workers to America each year

as a "solution to our economic distress." In fact these people are turned over to the strangling hands of western Capitalism. Such a development is only possible because the Marxist "representatives of the workers" stand by in silent approval.

Unemployment and homelessness prevail in Vienna. Suffering and despair has taken over the lives of most of the farming population. And at this precise moment, when 50,000 of our brothers are being forced to off the land of our homeland, in August,

30,000 Jews will gather in Vienna for the World Zionist Congress.

What they will do here is a swindle. And we know from the "Protocol of the Wise Men of Zion" (from the Zionist Congress in Basel, 1897) the reality of the

Jewish plan for world enslavment

And we ave learned all too well about "temporary guests" from the East who descended on our beloved cities during the war and immediate post-war period. Our German Vienna has sufferered greatly in body and soul as a result.

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