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  • 1935

Reich Sports Competition of the SA

Another poster from 1935 picks up the sport theme. It shows a solitary SA man, in full uniform complete with dagger and back-pack, marching off to the Federal Competition of the SA. He is shown in top physical condition, with his face set in that typical Nazi "determination" look. He is being cheered on by a group of Hitler Youth in the left background. They raise their hands in the Hitler salute, obviously admiringly.

The former image of the SA as the brawlers, the "fighters" for National Socialism has now subtly undergone a transformation. No longer a bully boy, this man has learned discipline, has toughened his body and honned his skills, but not for personal glory. Rather, he is presented as the full embodiment of the Volk!

It is a new role for the SA, who otherwise have little to do now that National Socialism controls Germany.

But the poster shows another aspect. In the center and right background crouch two figures. In the middle, a Catholic priest raises his arms in despair. How can the Church compete with this man for the attention and souls of those young Hitler Youth? And indeed, the HJ deliberately scheduled sporting events to compete with church ser vices and festivals.

And on the right, a man in a top hat looks on with disgust. He might be taken as representing Jews, but more proably he stands for "capitalism," for that individualist "dog eat dog" attitude.

The SA and Sports thus become a powerful force against these "international" enemies of Germany.

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