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  • 1933
Walter's Fight

for Hitler

This poster too was not produced by the National Socialist Party, but is an advertisement for a children's book written by Hermann Schmitz.

It is included here, because it shows how rapidly all sorts of people attempted to exploit the popularity of the Nazis by emulating their symbols.

The book is a rather simplistic account of the dedication to the party by young Walter, and his successful campaign to convert his fellow students. In outline, young Walter's life is closely modeled upon a Berlin student named Horst Wessel. The son of a Lutheran minister, young Horst became attracted to National Socialism, and upon graduation from college, moved into the Communist section of Berlin in order to proselytize his faith in Hitler. There he founded an SA group and became their leader.

He wrote the text for a marching song which soon became the official anthem of the SA -- Raise the Banner [Die Fahne Hoch]

There were dozens of such books as these, and their advertisements contributed to the growing perception in Germany that Hitler's Nazis were everywhere.

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