The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1928

Much of Nazi propaganda during the late 20s was locally produced and distributed. NSDAP headquarters in Munich was proverbally unders-taffed and under-financed. The party's treasurer, Franz Xavier Schwartz, could barely round up enough dues to cover the minimum operating expenses. Throughout these years, the party was entirely dependent upon membership dues as the sole source of income. Adolf Hitler had a personal circle of friends which provided him with fast automobiles and the funds to first rent and then construct a cabin on the Obersalzburg Mountain near the town of Berchtesgaden, but these funds did not enrich the party.

As a result, for most Germans outside of Munich and a few other cities, Nazi propaganda in these years looked more like this placard, which was published and distributed by the quasi-independent Hitler Youth Movement based in Thuringia. It advertizes the Hitler Youth Newspaper (H-J-Z).

But the poster carefully follows the symbolism which Hitler had successfully introduced. Here a young HJ (Hitler Jugend = Hitler Youth) member holding a torch that is buring a flame labelled "Freedom, " calls out to the sons and daughters of the working-class -- note the factories in the foreground --

Wake Up!
Break these Chains

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