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Wake Up! and Vote:
For the Völkischen Block

While Hitler was still in prison, the remnants of his SA and National Socialist supporters rallied to the Völkischer Block, a loose association of anti-Semitic and anti-republican parties. For the election of 1924, the group came up with this arresting symbolism, which will hereafter be a major part of Hitler's own propagnada approach.

It shows the downwarding thrusting blow from a fist which is crushing the podium of a parliament, scattering the laws and pieces of paper as easily as it scares the politicians. The flying papers carry such designations as Emergency Decrees, Paper Money, Martial Law, The Constitution, and Plebescites. These refer to the numerous debates and controversies in the early years of the Republic, as the German Reichstag had tried desperately to gain control of the inflation and to put down anti-Republican challenges from both the left and the right.

Even more telling, perhaps, are the caricatures of the fleeing politicians. Among them one sees the stereotypical intellectual, civil servant, diplomat and, at the bottom, two Jews.

The caption below reads:

Greater German Volks Community (in the Völkischen-Block): Business Offices, Theatinerstraße 17

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