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  • 1937


Volks Festival

Strength Through Joy

in the KdF City Valzner Weiher

2-15 September daily from 6:00 pm

This poster is the last one in the mid-year series of the Third Reich. It shows a village, Valzner-Weiher, decked up for a Volks Festival. The occasion is a celebration of its designation as KdF City of the year.

The flag on the right shows the symbol of the KdF, the series of lines radiating out of the Gear-enclosing-Swastika, which was the symbol of the "mother organization" namely the German Workers Front or DAF.

The large structure to the left is a May Pole. Traditionally erected in villages throughout southern Germany, this pole traditionally contained the coats of arms or other representations of the various guilds of the village -- shoemakers, bakers, cabinet makers, etc.

In the street, groups of white-clad participants are staging Folk Dances, gymnastic exercises, and other activities associated with the KdF Movement.

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