The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1929

69 Years

of Tribute 

This is another poster from the compaign launched by various right-wing organizations to block the implementation of the Young Plan. Although unsigned, this particular poster bears all the characterstics of the Nazi propaganda and may indeed have been commissioned by Hitler. It shows a farmer and his family plowing a field with a scrawny horse, and in the background factories working. Above them, a satanic looking figure cracks a whip, implying that for the next 69 years, all of their labor is destined to go to pay off the reparations.

Hitler had decided to join in this campaign, despite his previous determination not to get linked with other right-wing and conservative groups. That had been, he believed, his mistake in 1923 at the time of the Beer Hall Putsch.

But by 1929, Hitler's party was still making little headway, and he welcomed the opportunity of being associated with the more respectable conservative groups. The loose alliance came to be called the Harzberg Front, because one of their first common meetings was in a spa town in the Harz mountains.

When this poster was designed for the 22-29 December Young Plan Recall, Hitler little dreamed that within days Germany would become devastated by the financial and economic crisis called the Great Depression, as American banks and investors recalled their loans and German municipalities, states and industrial groups could not repay. By February 1930, Germany was deep into the depression, and Hitler had all the propaganda symbols ready to launch the next step in his campaign.

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