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  • 1935
  • Ludwig Hohlwein


In many respects, 1935was the high-water mark of Nazi Germany's world reputation. With the depression ended there while the rest of Europe and America was still struggling, with order restored after the near civil war of 1932-33, with the radical fringe of the party apparently defeated and Ernst Röhm removed, posters such as this could successfully urge tourists to visit Germany.

This is the first of four 1935 posters produced by Ludwig Hohlwein, the prominant Munich commercial artist. Long a devoted supporter of right-wing and nationalist causes in Germany, Hohlwein had developed a slick "Madison Avenue" approach to advertising.

Early in 1933, he had been commissioned by Goering and Baldur von Schirach for some Nazi posters, and these were so well received that numerous other agencies and groups sought him out.

This poster, for the German Travel Bureau, shows how successfully Hohlwein has employed his talents. A muscular figure representing Germany stands semi-nude. He holds a sheaf of wheat -- the traditional symbol of prosperity -- and somewhat inconsistently grasps the wheel of a ship -- the symbol of travel.

The poster, of course, contains no overtly Nazi symbolism, but the message was clearly understood. As Rudolf Hess said in the closing speech of the 1934 Nürnberg Rally (September), "Hitler is Germany, just as Germany is Hitler."

Thus, any poster which stressed the prestige and attractiveness of Germany also endorsed National Socialism.

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