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  • 1935
  • Ludwig Hohlwein


You too should read

The SA-Man

Your Comrade
in the small battles
of Daily Life.


Another splendid poster by Ludwig Hohlwin, showing clearly the merger of commercial advertising and propaganda.

It is ostensibly an advertisement for the official SA magazine, The SA-Man, but the graphics employed offers a great deal more. Clearly the symbolism contributes to that transformation of the SA image which we have seen taking place.

Here a friendly SA man, puts his hand on the shoulder of an older working man (see the ever-present sldege-hammer), while his other hand reaches down as if to help up someone who has fallen. It is a slick, commercialized packaging of the "new SA." And the caption sums it up -- No longer the brawlers for National Socialism, the "brawn" of the revolution. Now the Sa is presented as comrades in the "small battles" of everyday existence.

As with other posters of this year, it is difficult to determine whether the initiative for this message comes from the SA, or is it Hohlwein's personal integration of the former revolutionary storm troopers into his own vision of a Nationalistic Germany.

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