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  • 1933
  • Ludwig Hohlwein

 Become Propagandists for the Führer!

On 29 March, Students attending Technical and Higher Education Schools will join the German Freedom Movement.

Throughout the years in which the Nazis attempted to build up its base, one of its strongest contingents came from the students attending technical institutes and universities. The Germans make a strong distinction between them, but the word "Student" applies only to those enrolled in higher education institutes.

The Nazi Party had its own organization devoted to these young people, the National Socialist Studenten Bund (National Socialist Student Union), but early in the new regime, they attempted to amalgamate all of the numerous organizations from the universities and technical schools into a single group -- The German Freedom Movement.

This poster was commissioned for the first meeting of this new organization. It was drawn by the commercial artist Ludwig Hohlwein and shows the sophistication of his approach.

While the figure and Swastika clearly come from earlier Nazi posters, the "modern" crafting of the face, and the unusual design of the Swastika, all point to a new and fresh approach.

Clearly, the poster suggests that those students who join the new organization would be interested in doing so in order to become active propagandists for the Führer.

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