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  • Ludwig Hohlwein
  • 1933
The German University Student

Fights for Führer and Volk

in the NSD Student Union

One of the strongest age groups supporting the Nazis in these early days of the Third Reich were university students. Organized into many different groups and fraternities, however, their political power had been traditionally insignificant.

A Nazi organization, the National Socialist Student Union, sought to change this. Early in 1933, it embarked upon a remarkably successful Gleichschaltung process, during which it incorporated under its leadership dozens of student clubs and fraternitites.

This graphically powerful poster was part of this campaign.

It shows the characteristic Nazi image -- but here a student with his sleeves rolled up like the workers of earlier posters. Confidently, but with a smile on his face, he contemplates the distant future while carrying aloft the NSD banner.

By 1934 all the universities of Germany had become thoroughly Nazified, and much of that success came from the extraordinary activities of the NSD groups.

This is another outstanding poster by the Munich commercial artist Ludwig Hohlwein. Although the figure comes from traditional Nazi graphics, the painting of the face, the stylized Swastika, and the slick composition show a quantam leap from the earlier, rather primitive efforts.

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