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  • 1934
This is how your ballot must look

on 19 August 1934

The Entire Volk votes Yes

On 1 August 1934, Paul von Hindenburg, the aging President, died. He had long been in ill health, and Hitler was concerned about what would happen after the president died. Many of the leading Generals, in particular, feared that if a Nazi or a Nazi supporter became President, the independence of the Army would be threatened by Ernst Röhm's ambitious Storm Troopers (the SA). Thus they welcomed Hitler's abrupt move in June 1934 in which 90 or so leaders of the SA, including its leader Ernst Röhm, were detained and shot without trial.

Pleased by this response, Hitler proposed that he himself should become President and had the cabinet pass a bill to that effect late in July 1934, with Hindenburg still alive!

When death did claim the president, Hitler stepped forward with the new law, but announced that he would only accept it if approved by the nation.

Thus the stage was set for a new plebiscite, to be held on 19 August 1934. This is the first poster that addressed the issue. It simply shows the ballot, "correctly" filled out with a "Yes" to the question whether Adolf Hitler should assume the office of president.

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