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  • 1919
Overthrow your Stars! Must They Remain Your Masters?

One other theme appears in these early posters -- anti-Semitism. This poster appe in late January 1919. It shows the faces of 12 political activists from the November "revolution. "

The stereotypical Jewish "features" of the men are exaggerated, but in fact all but one of these men were Jewish.

The poster is typical for the anti-Semitic propaganda which sprang up all over Germany in the aftermath of the lost war and revolution. Significantly, the poster juxtaposes the Hakenkreuz (Swastika) with the Star of David. Indeed the swastika was commonly identified with such right-wing anti-Semitic groups.

Identifiable are, from top left to lower right, Karl Liebknecht (head of the Spartakists), Paul Birch, Kurt Eisner (head of the Bavarian Soviet), Oscar Cohn, Karl Radek (Lenin's German agent), Rosenfeld, Levine-Nissen (a Comintern agent), Minister Landsberg, Matthias Erzberger (the Catholic who signed the Armistice for the government), Reurath (a Munich union organizer), and two figures whose names I do not recognize. The tenor of this early anti-Semitic poster will remain a constant element in propaganda posters of the Right throughout the Republic.

The caption at the bottom is explicit:

What should be the answer on election day?

Make Germany free for Germans!

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