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  • 1935

26 May - 2 June 1935
Reich Sports Try-Out Week

From Volkssport [local amateurs] to the Highly Competitive.

The 26th Olmpiade points the Way!

The Nazis always made great use of Sports! The Hitler Youth, BdM, SA and SS all included a regular sports program in their organizations.

But sports were also more than just for the party. The Nazi leadership loved the spectacle of large sporting events, and they stressed especially the competition in preparation for the selection of participants in these events.

This poster advertizes the week given over to nation-wide competitions, which would involve hundreds of thousands of participants. The final sentence implies that participation in these try-outs might gain a slot on Germany's Olympic team at the forthcoming games in Berlin (1936)

The graphics of this poster show the easy and obvious connection between Nazism and sports. Under the stylized eagle, symbol of Germany, march row after row of healthy and physically fit athletes, accompanied by the swastika flags.

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