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  • 1924


Destroy This

This poster also appeared while Hitler was in prison. Its theme continues the heavily anti-Semitic themes of the early days of the National Socialist Party. It shows a multi-armed Jewish figure in his carefully spun web. He is clutching bags of gold, some marked with the £ sign for British Pounds, another with the dollar sign, and others with M for Mark

The implication, of course, is that the Jews control money and that this is the "web" by which they take peoples captivge.

Vote the Völkisch-
Socialist Block

It is unclear whether this or other posters of the period while Hitler was in prison were ever cleared with him. In its rather blatant graphical treatment, however, this poster could have appeared from any of more than a dozen anti-Semitic parties and groups active in Germany during the early 1920s. The observer will note that there is no Swastika in the poster.

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