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  • Ludwig Hohlwein
  • 1933
Don't Spend


This is another extremely modern-looking and sophisticated poster by the Munich commercial artist Ludwig Hohlwein.

Like the preceding two examples, this poster also encouraged Germans not to waste their money on unnecessary expenditures, but to be generous in giving those those members of the community who had need.

The symbolism here is very effectve. In front of the stylized Swastika, a hand opens wide to let two coins drop out -- dropping precisely in the middle of the word "sacrifice."

In keeping with their vision of a Völkisch Gemeinschaft in which all Germans would receive full economic and social equality, the Nazis repeatedly stressed private charity. Their theme emphasized that Germans should not expect the State, or the NSDAP, and certainly not Hitler to cure the economic woes confronting the country.,

As in so many other posters, the Nazis reveal here a remarkable dis-interestedness in programs and panaceas. Instead, they call upon the Germans to make individual sacrifices, in order to advance the common good.

This is one of Hohlwein's most successful posters and shows why he became one of the top Nazi artists. Without beating viewers over the head, he gets the Nazi message across succinctly and precisely.

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