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  • 1937


Speed Along German Reichsautobahnen

This poster was also produced in 1937 as part of a campaign for attracting foreign tourists.

Its theme are the newly unveiled four-lane divided highways, the Autobahn (plural is Autobahnen).

This idealized scene appears futuristic in shape, but by 1937 nearly 100 miles had already been constructed. What made the project so attractive to Hitler was precisely its scale. Rather than have roads twist up and down hillsides, they spanned valleys, often with miles of bridges.

To both Germans and foreigners this seemed to be a remarkable feat of engineering and planning.

Frequently called, the Führer's Roads, the plans for the Autobahnen were actually drawn up and proposed by the German Automobile Club in the mid twenties. As with so many other programs, the Nazis simply reaped the benefits.

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