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  • 1937



Summer Solstice Festival

of the NSDAP Gau Baden

20 June 1937 8:00 pm

The Holy Mountain Festival Site, Heidelberg

This poster, produced by the Baden Gau of the Nazi Party, shows the reconstructed "Thing" -- outdoor arenas which legends claimed were the pre-Christian religious centers of the ancient Germans. The Nazis eagerly embraced this tradition and rebuilt the largest of these sites, which sits high on a hill-side overlooking Heidelberg.

Although it was not a centralized and fully coordinated program, throughout Germany local Gaus (and especially organizations such as the Hitler Youth and the SS) revived celebrations of the summer and winter solstice, largely as competition to Christian holidays.

This Heidelberg site was used for an outdoor theatrical production based on old German sagas. The program included music, text, and dance.

Although officially approved, most people who attended found the performances boring and incomprehensible. They never really became popular. But this is certainly an attractive poster.

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