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  • 1933

This? or That?

Another poster came out in late February 1933 which contained an anti-Semitic theme although somewhat muted. This one shows two figures: on the left a distinguished looking middle-aged man in front of the Swastika. His features are not heroic, but imply integrity, self-confidence and dignity. The other picture shows a photograph of a stereo-typical Eastern Jew, in front of a red flag with hammer and sickel. The figure appears to be shrunk down, his eyes are heavily lidded and refuse to look out at the viewer. The whole pose suggests shiftyness and craftiness.

The implication is that the choice facing the voters is between "German" values and those alien, Eastern elements as represented by this Jewish Communist. At the bottom of the poster, the point is driven home clearly.

The new Year: The Turning point of the Future!

Here, upward advancement, and there

decline into the chaos of Eastern Hordes.

Here, new life, and there the drift into anarchy and murder!

There's only the choice, this or that!

You carry your fate in your hands.

German Volk, if you hesitate, all of Germany will soon be burning.

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