The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1928
Smash the World's Enemy


Despite the apparent success of political democracy in the Weimar Republic by 1928, Hitler now began a telling campaign which utilized radical rhetoric and powerful images. This typical poster shows a German worker, shirt stripped off, raising a pile-driver high over his head to destroy what the caption identifies as the world's enemy: International Finance Capital

The blows have already crashed through the roof of this "temple" of finance, an international bank. The graphic message is that ever since the adoption of the Dawes Plan in 1924 to finance reparations payments, Germany had become enslaved to foreign banks and financial institutions. Rather than suggest patient re-negotiations, the poster proposes that the only cure is for Germany to take its fate into its own hands by direct and if necessary violent action.

Below the scene, the inscrption reads:

Vote National Socialialist

which is then more precisely identified as The Hitler Movement.

The poster also provides a blank for the insertion of the List number. It was designed to be used in various State elections, in each of which the party rankings would be different.

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