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  • 1934
Hitler Youth Swabia


The Hitler Youth movement was organized both locally and on a federal level. Individual HJ units, however, frequently chose to emphasize their local symbols rather than the national ones. This is particularly striking in this poster.

It shows a HItler Youth member blowing a flag-bedecked trumpet. The flag is a composite of the Swastika and the local Württemberg tri-color, and the Swastika is not that of the SS lightening variety.

Under the flag can be seen the familiar outline of Stuttgart Castle with its neighboring Cathedral. The word Schwaben [in English Swabia] is the adjective for people who live in Württemberg, once called the land of the Suebians, the old German tribe who first settled the area.

The emphasis here is clearly local patriotism, which it implies can best be served in the Hitler Youth.

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