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Nazi Propaganda



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  • 1933

Marxism is the

Guardian Angel

of Capitalism

Vote National Socialist: List 1


Although Anti-Semitism did not play a huge role in Nazi propaganda posters for the March 1933 elections, Goebbels was very much interested in attracting workers from the Socialist Party of Germany (SPD), and he put out this poster as part of that campaign. It shows a representative of the SPD as an angel. Holding his hand and thus under his protection is a stereotyped Jewish financier -- rotund in body, encased in top hat and spats, and clutching a bag of gold in the other.

The poster seeks to drive home the point that the largely Jewish intellectuals who had championed Marxism as the hope of the downtrodden -- characterized here as the solemn angel wearing a hat marked SPD -- were in fact protecting their fellow Jews who were financial capalists.

Hitler had long claimed that the workers of Germany were being duped by the SPD leadership, and this was but another in a long series of posters which attempted to break the traditional SPD appeal to the laboring classes of Germany.

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