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  • 13 March 1938


People of Austria!

Sunday 13 March 1938 is the Day of the Plebescite

This poster was issued by Austrian Bundes Chancellor Schuschnigg shortly after his return from signing the Berchtesgaden Agreement with Hitler. Strongly criticized for giving into Hitler's demands (including Nazi representation in the Austrian Cabinet), Schuschnigg suddenly switched tactics. He now scheduled a plebescite to be held in a week's time. Rather than ask whether or not the Austrian populace agreed with the Berchtesgaden Agreement, Schuschning asked:

All of you, from whatever profession, from whatever class, Men and Women of a Free Austria, are summoned to give witness to the entire world: You are to say, if you are willing to accompany us on our way of social justice and equality, toward the final conquest of party divisions, the securing of a German peace domestically and foreign, and a policy of working toward this goal.

Our slogan is: For a free and German, independent and social, a Christian and united Austria! For peace and work and full equality of all who adhere to Volk and Fatherland.

That is the goal of my politics... Therefore comrades, show that you are serious in the will to begin a new age united in the interest of our homeland. Show the world our will power! People of Austria, stand up like one man and vote with Yes!

The Poster ends with a "Front Heil for Austria", the slogan of the neo-Fascist Fatherland front

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