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  • 1937


Schlageter Memorial Service

Albert Shlageter was a Rhineland worker who carried out some opposition to the French Occupation during 1923. He was arrested by French soliders for violation of curfew, and after a hastily convened trial was sentenced to death.

In the summer of 1923, Schlageter was executed before a firing squad.

Although not a member of the National Socialist party, Schlageter was soon adopted by them as a proto-martyr, and is usually counted along with the 16 who were killed during the Beer Hall Putsch of November 1923.

In subsequent years, just as the Munich martyrs became the center of cult-like ceremonies (see the next poster), Schlageter too was singled out for commemoration.

This poster is for a celebration in Schnau-Wiesental, a Rhineland community, on 29 May 1937.

In the background a parade of Swastika flags march by, and in the foreground there is a strange-looking cross. It appears to be a stylized eagle, with head and outstretched wings, perched on a Swastika symbol. It is another example of the way other symbols -- and here it is the Christian crucifix -- were simply swept up by the Nazis.

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