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  • 1934
Through our Faith in Germany, we shall Master Destiny

Adolf Hitler

As 1934 came to an end, Hitler and his party were in complete control of Germany. They had neutralized or eliminated political opposition, and the Gleichschaltung process had penetrated every institution save the Catholic Church and the German Army.

Moreover, Goebbels' remarkable propaganda efforts had impressed thousands of Germans with their forceful presentation of a leader who was in complete control and whose Will would prevail against all obstacles.

Even more compelling, the horrors of the depression had largely ended. By the end of 1934 unemployment had fallen to its lowest level since the war; new jobs had been created, and a note of real optimism was present in all sections of the country.

This clever poster shortly before the start of a new year stressed these same themes. A German mother, happily surrounded by her children, gazes up at her hard-working husband, once again employed. The whole family seems to thrive under the blessed sun of the Eagle and Swastika.

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