Consolidation of Power
Nazi Propaganda



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  • 1933


Created the new Germany!

Remember our sacrifices.

Vote National Socialist, List 1

This poster, like the one immediately before, seeks to improve upon the image of the SA, the Storm Troopers [Sturm Abteilung} of the Nazi Party. Although universally recognized as the bully boys who threatened opponents, disrupted opposition meetings, and engaged in all sorts of violent demonstrations, the SA always pictured themselves as victims.

In their accounts, they were peaceful citizens, set upon by criminal thugs, and so naturally they had to defend themselves. Although now serving as auxilliary policemen, the SA still stressed their sacrificial role.

In this graphic poster, a wounded SA man, wearing a large head bandage, is supported by his officer, who reaches out in an appeal to the viewer.

Although the SA had been banned by the previous government, it still numbered nearly 500,000 men when Hitler became Chancellor in January 1933. But by the end of 1933, its membership had soared to more than 1.5 million men. So obviously this "cult of victimhood" must have been appealing.

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