Political Posters
from the Depression Years

Text of General Franz von Epp's Poster:

After a long 4-year pause, on 24 April [1931] once more elections to the Bavarian Landtag provide an opportunity for all to participate in determining the destiny of our beloved homeland.

Thirteen years ago, as we on the battlefield defended the Fatherland, in our rear foreigners, deserters and the dregs of society, seized control of the State and misused that power to our destruction. Seizure of weapons, forced retreats, confiscation of arms, destruction of the army, the dictated Peace of Versailles including the universal lie of our guilt for causing the war and shameful demands to punish our Kaiser and military leaders were the results for the entire German Volk.

The sacrifices of our four year struggle, the heroic deaths of nearly two million men, our honor, our right to bear arms, German soil, German comrades, and German possessions in excessive amounts, all were frivolously surrendered, and at the same time we willingly accepted impossible reparations sums spread out over innumerable years, which was finally reckoned to be for 58 years, as punishment for an imaginary guilt.

The forces of the Social Democrats, Democrats and the Center Party bear responsibility for all this. And in Bavaria, the Bavarian People’s Party joined them.

Since then we have never heard anyone denounce these criminals for what they have committed against Volk and State; never has even one of these evil-doers been held responsible for what they did. Every administration quietly accepted the Revolution and its frivolities, and even praised them.

The Political System, which was formed out of these historical developments, will never engage in healing these wounds, from which we are being destroyed. It cannot do it. All subsequent evils are swallowed without complaint.

The Social Democrats naturally simply ignore all these facts. The Bavarian People’s party, however, in their election campaigns make claims to actions which in fact never happened, and make promises which they will never fulfill, indeed cannot fulfill. In Berlin they operate just like all the other System parties, for they belong to the System and it is only within the borders of Bavaria that they claim that their hearts are Bavarian. They have long ago given up any attempt to undo the Versailles Treaty and surrendered themselves to whatever advantages might be derived from socialist centralism and upholders of the System. Thus the Bavarian People’s Party has long ago lost the right to pose as the sole savior of Bavaria.

Whether or not we will permit this destructive implementation to continue or will we awaken and destroy it and fight to undermine the destructive will of France’s dictated peace, is a question which will be decided at the polling places on 24 April. All other issues are simply deliberate distortions and a fraud. Bavarians! former fighters for German honor and the preservation of German Existence! Don’t let yourself be deceived any longer by empty words. Examine actions and results! Do not vote for men who for 13 years have been taking away the basis for your very life, or who have misused and signed away whatever they could.

The only real fighters seeking other conditions, seeking a change in our destiny, the defense of our Bavarian and German soil, of German and Bavarian property, for the removal of the attacks by France and its vassals upon German life, for the restoration of a truly German legal state and thus a just social advancement is only the National Socialist movement.

It alone is the political party which has the strength and which has not been implicated in the devouring sins of our present situation.

Bavaria has lost very much, but strong forces for political rebirth and for the economic and moral recovery of Germany can emerge precisely here. Bavaria is the second largest state of the Reich. It can win strong allies from the other states who are simultaneously electing their own Landtags.

Do not permit that in this national rebirth, Bavaria is left behind, that other German tribes form Germany’s destiny while we fade into the background. Assert once more the role of Bavaria such as it had before the war, and which her soldiers defended in that war! By voting for the party of Adolf Hitler, you will help make it the largest and most effective fighting force.

Give the men of List 5 your vote, for they are the only ones who truly deserve it.

Franz von Epp
Field Commander of the Royal Bavarian Infantry Guard
Knight of the Royal Bavarian Max Joseph Order
Lieutenant-General retired


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