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  • 1935
  • Ludwig Hohlwein


The German Postoffice

This final Hohlwein poster from 1935 is an excellent example not only of his own commercialized approach to poster-making, but also of the ease with which Nazi symbolism could fit in everywhere.

Commissioned by the Post Office, Hohlwein's poster becomes a glorification of Hitler and of National Socialism. The Swastika and Eagle are NOT part of the post office logo. And the heroic Führer never stood in a car parked before the glorious skyline of the castle and walls of Nürnberg.

But who would object to such artistic license? Certainly not the post office officials who ordered this poster. But I think it highly unlikely they were the ones who determined the graphics. Most likely, this is another personal vision by Hohlwein, who is hereby transforming a party leader and party symbols into another embodiment of his own Nationalist Germany.

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