The High Style of Nazi Propaganda


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  • 1927

Repeatedly, Adolf Hitler's inflammatory rhetoric would produce political reactions from his opponents. He was the subject of numerous slander suits, was twice briefly imprisoned on such charges, and paid a number of fines to avoid imprisonment.

Moreover, local police could persuasively argue that his flamboyant style and provocative assertions were disruptive to political discussions, and even of "law and order. Thus police made efforts to shut down his meetings, and in 1927, nearly all of the 19 German states had banned him from speaking in public.

This poster was one of the party's most successful attempts to dramatize this issue. It shows Hitler muzzled by bandages that say "Banned from Public Speaking." It reflects the growing role that Hitler's only person played in the movement, and with its tone of bathos, seeks to awaken the sympathy of the public for this "persecuted" patriot. The sole caption, at the bottom, laments:

Only one man from the 2 billion people living on this earth may not speak in Germany!

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