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  • 1933
Hitler Youth Quex

A Film of the Spirit of Self-Sacrifice by German Youth

Like the preceeding poster, this one is also an advertisement for a movie, and it too is not an "authorized" Nazi production. Produced and released by Germany's largest film studio, UFA, this film was rushed into the theaters early in 1933. To facilitate its production, UFA had enlisted members of a Berlin Hitler Youth group, and the premier of the movie included marching HJ groups from all over the capital.

The movie tells the melodramatic story of Herbert Norkus (his name is changed in the script to Heinrich Völker) the son of an unemployed Berlin Communist. He is attracted, however, to the dynamic youth movement of the Nazis. Joining the Hitler Youth, young Heinrich is then persecuted by the Communists, and eventually suffers martyrdom for his new found faith.

Like SA Man Brand, the film is amateurish and Gobbels rapidly moved to block the production of similar movies.

But the film remained extremely popular, especially among the Hitler Youth, and this poster captures the enthusiasm it sought to engender.

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