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  • 1933
Raise the Banner

This poster reproduces the cover sheet for Horst Wessel's popular marching anthem, Raise the Banner. Here it appears arranged for four-part male voices (what used to be called, Barber-Shop Quartets).

The cover shows the characteristic Nazi emphasis upon flags, from the oversized Swastika banner, to the official Standard of a local Party cell, the square flag with the slogan: Germany Awaken. The penants on the right are typical of SA organizations.

Murdered by a Communist in 1932, Horst Wessel left behind him this stirring march, and Goebbels rushed to make Wessel an impressive martyr for the cause. Almost overnight, his march became the anthem of the Storm Troopers, and was always sung standing, with arms outstretched in the Hitler salute -- to honor the martyred members of the SA.

Horst Wessel's text reads:

Raise the Banner!
Close the Ranks!
SA are marching
With firm determined tread.
Comrades, shot by Reds and Reactionaries
March along, in spirit, in our ranks.

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