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Hitler-Coup in Munich

Hitler calls himself Head of the Reich and proclaims Kahr Regent for Bavaria.
Knilling and Schweyer arrested. / Ludendorff takes over the Leadership of the "German Army."

Thus a Berlin newspaper headlines the breaking story of the Beer Hall Putsch of 9 November 1923. Already, Hitler is being described as the major figure, while Governor Kahr, the real power in the State, is portrayed as co-operating and receiving the "regency" as a reward. The two arrested individuals were government officials. To most Germans, Ludendorff was the most prominant of the backers of this coup. The number two man in the German army from 1916 to the end of the war, Ludendorff had become the rallying center of nationalist and anti-democratic elements throughout Germany. His presence in the Beer Hall Putsch raised it from a mere Bavarian event to one of national significance.

The failure of the Putsch brought Hitler to jail, the SA dissolved, and the NSDAP banned in most German states. It seemed the inglorious end of just another radical movement.

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