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This is another poster from the Völkischen Block days while Hitler was in Landsberg Prison and the remnants of the NSDAP were cooperating with other right-wing groups. Although the DAP/NSDAP had originated in Munich and garnered its major support from that city's population of returning veterans and petty bourgeois store-keepers, the other right-wing organizations were primarily strong in the countryside. There, among the traditionally conservative peasantry, the Völkisch Block sought to create a broad-based movement.

This poster for the 1924 election in Bavaria was part of that program. Under the watchful presence of the swastika, it shows an embattled peasant from Bavaria (you can just make out the characteristic onion-domed church tower in the background). And the slogan is appropriately simple, if rather unclear. "Protect the earth of your German homeland and vote for the Völkischen Block." In German, Heimat resonates with all sorts of echoes: homeland, yes, but intimate and personal, with the same connection with people one usually associates with members of the family.

Characteristically, the poster does not indicate who or what is threatening this German homeland. This allows for the individual viewer to identify his own favorite villain. The form of the illustration, however, stongly suggests that the farmer is protecting his traditional way of life from all the inroads of modernity: urban, commercial and technological progress.

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