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  • 1933
This is what the ballot should look like if you vote correctly.

Like the preceding poster, this one contains on the left side a picture of the two ballots -- with a not-too-subtle indication of what the "correct" vote should be -- a Yes to leaving the disarmament conference, and a vote of confidence in the National Socialist German Workers' Party (labelled underneath -- the Hitler Movement).On the Right a placard offers justification for this vote

In 8 Months,
2.5 Million Volk Comrades have
gained Work and Bread

Class Warfare and its Advocates set aside
Bolshevism destroyed
Class Divisions overcome

Vote for Equality of Rights and Honor
Germany's Honor is Your Honor
Germany's Destiny is Your Destiny

Vote with Yes

For the Reichstag,
Elect Adolf Hitler
and his Loyal Followers!

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