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  • 1933
This is how BOTH ballots must be filled out.

This poster graphically dramatizes the purpose of the Plebiscite of November 1933. Hitler had skillfully arranged that the Germans would vote on two separate issues, hoping clearly that the two would merge into a single appeal.

On the left, the green ballot is entitled:

Call of the Federal Government to the German People

Should Germany refuse to participate in the Disarmament Conference and the League of Nations untill it is guaranteed equality of status. The Yes ballot is marked with an X.

The colorless ballot on the Right is for The Reichstag Elections.

Only the National Socialist German Workers' Party appears on the ballot, and there is not even an opportunity to vote "No" that is vote against that party.

Curiously, on the ballot are listed 10 names: beginning with Adolf Hitler, Rudolf Hess, Wilhelm Frick, Hermann Goering, Joseph Goebbels, Ernst Röhm and Walter Darré. But the remaining three names -- Franze Seldte. Franz von Papen, and Alfred Hugenberg -- were not members of the Nazi Party. They were, however, cabinet ministers in the Government of National Concentration. The presence of their names seems to confirm that this plebiscite is designed to be a referendum on the GOVERNMENT and not the National Socialist party.

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