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21 October 1921

On 21 March 1921, the long delayed plebescite in the Administrative District of Upper Silesia was held. It was a bitterly contested dispute, and ultimately 68% of the participants voted to remain with Germany. It was a great moral victory, and widely hailed in the Weimar Republic.

Four months later, however, the Allied Ambassadors' Conference in Paris (which the Versailles Treaty had created to implement the results of the various plebescites) decided to ignore the rules. Instead, they voted to partition Upper Silesia, awarding approximately 1/3 of the area and population to Poland. Ironically, the district given to Poland was occupied primarily by Germans. The Polish population of Upper Silesia largely became a minority in the German Republic. This result was greeted with cries of anguish throughout Germany. Hitler took advantage of the uproard to schedule a large mass meeting, of which this is the placard.

National Socialist German Workers Party

9 November 1918-Luck after Luck
Today, in Krone Circus Hall
Massive Protest Meeting

Adolf Hitler will speak on:
Upper Silesia
Victim of The Stock Brokers- Parliament

Jews will be denied admission.

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