Nazi Posters

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31 May 1920

National Socialist
German Workers Party

Over here Bourgeois! Over there Proletarians!

[In the lengthy central section, Hitler (for he wrote all of these placards personally) warns against Civil War, and even Class Warfare, being artificially introduced into Germany by Jews, in order to weaken the country]

German Volk, wake up! Defend Yourself!
Don't protest and fight for the freedom of other peoples, but fight for your own freedom.

Workers of the Hand and Head: Unite together as the Party of Creative Germans against the Party of International Drones!

Come Out! Today! Everyone!
Adolf Hitler will speak in the Bürgerbräukeller on:
The German Volk,
The Jewish Question and Our Future.

Antisemitic Munich! You must appear in large numbers and protest against the enslavement of Germany!
Admission: 50 pfennig.

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