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27 July 1920

This placard shows clearly an evolution in style and effectiveness. Instead of massive texts, Hitler here highlights only a few words, which ring out like cannon-shot. It is not even necessary to read the connecting words which often make little or no sense. The ostensible reason for the meeting is to protest the exhorbitant final reparations sum set by an Allied Conference in Spa, Belgium.

National Socialist
German Workers Party
Wilson was supposed to help Germany, but Criminal Jews took over, and now Germany has gone to Spa and lost
Honor in Bearing Arms

International Solidarity
betrays us and now at Spa an agreement requires
Two Million
tons of coal, with more millions to follow in other materials.

First American Wilson now the Jew Totzky

betray us!
First Washington and now Moscow

Intellectuals and Workers
Come to the great meeting in the Hofbräuhaus TODAY

Adolf Hitler will speak on:

Spa-Moscow or US!

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