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Throughout 1919, following orders from Ernst Röhm, Hitler had explored a number of new political parties in Munich, looking for one which would be a suitable vehicle as a front for the military. On 1 January 1920, he joined the tiny DAP (German Workers' Party) as party member 55, and was immediately asked to join the executive committee, where he became the 7th member. Within a few weeks Hitler had become its most dynamic speaker, and gradually shoved aside the rather lack-luster founders.

At Hitler's suggestion, the party agreed to hold a series of fund-raising and conscious-raising evenings. To attract crowds, Hitler designed a series of symbols, notably the black Swastika on a white circle, surrounded by a bright red field. Simultaneously, he proposed changing the name of the tiny party to the National Socialist German Workers Party. He easily persuaded the executive committee to agree to the changes, but with some reluctance they also agreed to use almost all of their "treasury" to rent a large hall so that Hitler could unveil the new name. At that time, he proposed reading out the 25 points upon which the new party would be based, in order for the attending crowd to "ratify" this charter.

This is the poster they prepared for that meeting, which was held on 24 February 1920. It is an unimaginative placard, which simply prints the entire Nazi program. Click here if you wish to read an English Translation.

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